Illustration from "Ship," David Macaulay, 1993. ©1993 David Macaulay.

Illustration from "Ship," David Macaulay, 1993. ©1993 David Macaulay. All rights reserved.

Norman Rockwell Museum announces the honoring of illustrator David Macaulay as its 2011-2012 Artist Laureate. An award-winning author and artist whose work has helped readers better understand the workings of everything from simple gadgets to monumental structures, Macaulay employs pictures and words to reveal the secret lives of buildings, the wonders of the human body, and the common sense in the design of every day things. The award will be presented to the artist during a special ceremony to be held at the Museum on Saturday, September 24, 2011, starting at 5:30 p.m.

A gifted visual storyteller, David Macaulay inspires discovery by demystifying the complexities of our world while celebrating the places the imagination takes us when we least expect it. Transcending the boundaries of time, culture, and geography, the artist’s award-winning books reveal his lifelong love of history, and are beloved by readers throughout the world. A Caldecott Medalist and recipient of a prestigious MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship, he is perhaps best known for his international best seller, The Way Things Work, but his many titles include Cathedral, City, Castle, Pyramid, Mill, Underground, Unbuilding, Mosque, Ship, and The Way We Work. The artist’s elegant, light-hearted picture books include Rome Antics, Shortcut, and Black and White. Macaulay was also the subject of Norman Rockwell Museum’s 2004 exhibition Building Books: The Art of David Macaulay, which celebrated the art of one of America’s foremost visual storytellers. Learn more at

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Illustration from "The New Way Things Work," David Macaulay, 1998. ©1998 David Macaulay. All rights reserved.

Illustration from "The New Way Things Work," David Macaulay, 1998. ©1998 David Macaulay. All rights reserved.

About The Norman Rockwell Museum Artist Laureate Award

The Norman Rockwell Museum’s Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies bestows the commendation of Artist Laureate to honor the contributions of outstanding visual artists whose art has set the standard in their field, and whose exceptional dedication to the Museum and its mission has guided and advanced the work on the institution. Learn more at

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