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The Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, is a national research institute dedicated to American illustration art. Here you can find information about the center, connect to programs, and learn more about our partners as we work together to build awareness and scholarship about American Illustration and the role it plays in our society, culture, and history.  More >

The Art of Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), Art Critic (detail), 1955. Cover illustration for The Saturday Evening Post, April 16, 1955. From the collection of Norman Rockwell Museum. © 1955 SEPS: Curtis Licensing, Indianapolis, IN. All rights reserved.


Featuring the original artwork of Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell Museum houses the most significant public collection of Norman Rockwell’s work in the world. The Museum’s holdings include original artwork, and the artist’s studio and its related collection, including personal memorabilia, supplies, and reference materials.

The Norman Rockwell Art Collection Trust
The Norman Rockwell Art Collection Trust forms the heart of the Museum’s collections. In 1973, Rockwell bequeathed his personal collection in trust to the Museum so that the works could be exhibited, preserved, and used for the “advancement of art appreciation and art education.” This 367-work collection includes such large-scale oil paintings as Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas, Triple Self-Portrait, The Four Freedoms, Girl at Mirror, and The Marriage License, and preliminary sketches and studies in pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and oil.

In 1976, Rockwell added his studio and its contents to the Trust collection. From this later bequest, the Studio Collection and the Norman Rockwell Archives were formed.

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Illustration Collection


Norman Rockwell Museum’s growing permanent collection of original illustration is both historical and contemporary, featuring more than 14,000 works by more than 250 artists. Significant collections, featured here, highlight the art of Norman Rockwell’s teachers and artistic inspirations, twentieth century magazine and periodical illustration, and work by contemporary creators.

Many important works have come to us through the generosity of caring donors who have designated the Museum as a home for their treasured collections. We are grateful to our many donors for their ongoing support of the Museum’s collecting mission, which places Norman Rockwell within the context of his vibrant and ever-changing profession, the field of illustration.

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Illustration History


On August 15, Norman Rockwell Museum officially launched a new, comprehensive, online resource dedicated to the illustration arts. will serve as an evolving site, provide greater access to information about the field in which Norman Rockwell played a seminal role.  Explore all facets of illustration including the vast history of illustration, genres of illustration, noted illustrators, essays on illustration, and resources on illustration from around the world.  More >
Frank Schooner Collection Raisonné


Search through the content of over 3200 database entries on the catalogue of work of Frank E. Schoonover, the Catalogue Raisonne. Thanks to his remarkable daybooks, which record over 2500 entries, important information about his entire ouvre is available. More >
Norman Rockwell Museum Archives


The Norman Rockwell Museum Archives (“the Archive”) are the largest and most comprehensive archival collection relating to the life and art of Norman Rockwell, and a repository for collections relating to the art of illustration, both historical and contemporary.  Go to archives page >
Norman Rockwell Museum Image Resources


Norman Rockwell Museum (NRM) is a resource for high-quality images of the objects in its collections. It provides 8″x10″ images scanned at 300dpi delivered over the internet (FTP). You may request custom sizes and resolutions for your order. The NRM reserves the right to evaluate each request. The NRM also reserves the right to charge fees and impose conditions above and beyond those listed in this Web site