The Runaway, 1958

"I like to paint kids... people think of their own youth," Rockwell once said and he had first hand experience as reference for this work. "I ran away from home when I was a kid in Mamaroneck and mooned around the shore; kicking stones and watching the whitecaps on Long Island Sound. Pretty soon it began to get dark and a cold wind sprang up and moaned in the trees. So I went home."
- Norman Rockwell

(Video: Join in on a conversation with Dick Clemens and Ed Locke, the original models from The Runaway)

The Runaway, Norman Rockwell, 1958. Oil on canvas, 35¾" x 33½". Cover illustration for The Saturday Evening Post, September 20, 1958. From the permanent collection of Norman Rockwell Museum.

Reference photos for The Runaway, photographer unknown, 1958.