Art, Love, and Identity: A 50th Anniversary Summer Lecture/Performance Series
Tuesdays, July 9 – August 20 
4:30 p.m. Lemonade on the Terrace; 5:00 p.m. Talk/Performance in the Main Gallery.

Join us for an uplifting program series, which explores creativity, productivity, and identity inspired by the three 50th Anniversary exhibitions. Explore the autobiographical elements in Rockwell’s art; learn about the mutually supportive connection between Rockwell and renowned psychotherapist Erik Erikson, and reflect on the defining images from 1969, which both shaped and reflected a period of profound cultural transformation. This series examines, from multiple perspectives, the ways in which art, human relationships, and culture are fundamental to growth, resilience, and creating meaning. $25, $15 members, or apply program pass. Preregister online or via email register@nrm.org

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