The Norman Rockwell Scavenger Hunt at the Red Lion Inn using the NRM Mobile App!

The Red Lion Inn showcases a considerable collection of Norman Rockwell prints on its walls. Using the Norman Rockwell Museum mobile app, look up the audio/video tour content for each of the following paintings to find the answers to the questions that accompanies each image. Pick up the scavenger hunt sheet at the Front Desk of the Red Lion Inn. Once you are done, check your answers at the Front Desk to see if you won. Answer all the questions correctly to get 10% off in the Gift Shop, a Norman Rockwell Museum Catalog, and $2 off adult admission to the Norman Rockwell Museum!

Images in this Scavenger Hunt:

Freedom of Speech (1st Floor – Rear Hallway)
Freedom of Worship (1st Floor – Rear Hallway)
Freedom from Want (1st Floor – Rear Hallway)
Freedom from Fear (1st Floor – Rear Hallway)
Family Tree (1st Floor – Side Parlor)
Shuffleton’s Barbershop (1st Floor – Side Parlor)
Home for Christmas (4th Floor – Front Hallway)
The Law Student (3rd Floor – Center Hallway)
Girl in Mirror (2nd Floor – Center Hallway – 2 choices)
Saying Grace (2nd Floor – Center Hallway)

How to use the Norman Rockwell Museum app with the Red Lion Inn Scavenger Hunt

Step 1: Pick up a scavenger hunt sheet at the Front Desk of the Red Lion Inn.

Step 2: Walk around the hotel and find the listed Norman Rockwell images hanging on the walls in public spaces. Using your device, press the scan option in the mobile app to activate your device’s camera. Then hold up your device to the image and the app will recognize the image for you and load up the audio/video tour content for the image automatically.

If you run into problems, all of the paintings are listed in the app.

Step 3: The audio tour for an image may contain multiple audio/video clips. If you cannot find the answer to a question in one clip, the answer may reside in another clip for the image, so make sure you listen to all the available content.

Step 4: Once you have answered all the questions, please bring this sheet back to the Front Desk in the lobby of the Red Lion Inn to see how you did.

Step 5: Come to the Norman Rockwell Museum and enjoy the full app at the Museum!

Download the Norman Rockwell Museum App today!

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