In The News: Making Museums Accessible

Berkshire Eagle / accessibility photo

Photo courtesy Berkshire Eagle. All rights reserved.

The Berkshire Eagle included Norman Rockwell Museum in a recent feature about accessibility initiatives here in the Berkshires. Specifically, the article highlights our work with Tanny Labshere from Riverbrook Residence for women with disabilities.

Labshere has been helping create braille labels for the artwork in our collection, as well as our display of outdoor sculptures created by Norman Rockwell’s son/artist Peter Rockwell.

Other initiatives include regular meetings for residents using art in conjunction with ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), as well as improved walkways and building access for visitors requiring wheelchairs.

Norman Rockwell Museum Director/CEO notes that “these universal access programs are created with, for and by our community residents. ]They are fundamental to the core of the missions of our cultural organizations and our role in our community, whether visual arts, theatre or performance. We are so grateful to work with our generous volunteers and organizations that help make it possible.

Learn more about the Museum’s various accessibility offerings:

Read: “What are Berkshires tourist attractions doing to better accommodate people with varying needs?” Berkshire Eagle, July 28, 2018