Mindy (Yuhui) Ma, Berkshire County High School Art Show, 2016

Photo of Norman Rockwell Museum intern, Mindy (Yuhui) Ma with her work on display in the 30th Annual Berkshire County High School Art Show. Photo by Jeremy Clowe. ©Norman Rockwell Museum. All rights reserved.

As we celebrate many great education initiatives this year, we want to be sure to give a final word of praise for the Annual Berkshire County High School Art Show, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year (with generous sponsorship from Berkshire Bank). On view through March 6, 2016, this year’s exhibition has featured some truly inspiring works from young artists throughout Berkshire County.

Mindy (Yuhui) Ma is one of the students whose work is featured in the exhibition; her detailed oil painting, Finding Peace in the Mess, addresses her current state of restlessness, and references her many interests (including China, where she was born).

A student at Miss Hall’s School in Pittsfield, Mindy is also serving as an intern in the education department at Norman Rockwell Museum this year. She has appreciated learning about Norman Rockwell’s process, utilizing it in her High School Art Show piece, as well as a “Main Street”-inspired drawing of a traditional neighborhood from her hometown. She has also learned about the process of installing exhibitions, helping the Museum’s education staff with preparations for the Art Show.

Congratulations and thanks to Mindy and the many young artists who have shared their creativity with us this year and, hopefully, many more to come.

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