Norman Rockwell model Claire Williams, 2014

Photo of Norman Rockwell model, Claire Willaims, at Norman Rockwell Museum’s models reunion, July 2014. Photo by Carlton Dodge. ©Norman Rockwell Museum. All rights reserved.

There has been much to celebrate lately (including our own 45th anniversary), but we would be remiss in not paying tribute to Norman Rockwell model, Claire Williams, who this year celebrates her 30th year of working at Norman Rockwell Museum.

A lifelong resident of Stockbridge, Ms. Williams first met Norman Rockwell in town in the 1950s at a sketch class being conducted by Peggy Best (who briefly dated the artist following the death of his wife, Mary). Rockwell took note of Williams, who was modeling in the class, and asked her to pose for him (to which she agreed). She went on to appear in a series of illustrations for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance  (1958-1959).

Since 1984, Ms. Williams has been delighting visitors of Norman Rockwell Museum with her memories of Rockwell and his family, who were longtime neighbors. She frequently talks about her experience working for Rockwell at our “Meet the Models” events, reunions, and as a docent and member of our education team. We are so grateful to Claire for her many years of service to the Museum, and look forward to more– she makes every day a “Norman Rockwell Moment.”

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Attend our next “Meet the Models” events (September 5, October 3, 2014)

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