The two-year grant will support the expansion of the Museum’s educational programming


Education workshop at Norman Rockwell Museum

Photo of education workshop at Norman Rockwell Museum. ©Norman Rockwell Museum. All rights reserved.

Stockbridge, MA, August 6, 2014—Norman Rockwell Museum announces the receipt of a two-year, $500,000 grant from the George Lucas Family Foundation to expand and re-imagine the Museum’s educational programming with 21st century learning tools. 

“The generosity of the George Lucas Family Foundation will help us expand the Museum’s existing educational programming, and enhance and build out our online content delivery system,” says Laurie Norton Moffatt, Norman Rockwell Museum Director and CEO. “We are grateful for the opportunity to reach new generations of learners, who can engage with Norman Rockwell’s timeless and universal messages through new tools available today.”

The gift supports a larger two-year, $2 million universal access campaign to bring Norman Rockwell’s work, legacy and commitment to human rights to larger and diverse audiences.

“Access is at the heart of this initiative,” noted Norton Moffatt, “and we are thankful to our lead funder, the George Lucas Family Foundation, who understands the significance of our undertaking.”

The grant from the George Lucas Family Foundation will provide the Museum with the opportunity to re-imagine its national education offerings, building upon the long-established educational curricula to make it compatible with Common Core and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) standards. In addition, the Museum will modernize its online content delivery system to reach a larger and more diverse population of students, teachers, and life-long learners. 

Since opening its doors in 1969, six million people have visited Norman Rockwell Museum; two million more have experienced the collections online. In 1993, on-site educational programs were first offered to local schools near the Museum’s home in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Today, hundreds of thousands of school-aged children and teachers have benefited from an array of on-site offerings, such as family festivals, art exhibitions for youth, immersive programs for visiting school groups, and nationally through curricula for grades K through 12, accessible online at and delivered through the Museum’s traveling exhibitions. 

The partnership between the Museum and Mr. Lucas evolved from two shared beliefs: First, that Rockwell’s art transcends generations and cultures, communicating timeless American ideals of service to community, family, human rights, and civic responsibility. Second, that quality museum programming enriches today’s school-based educational offerings, connects people to their communities, and serves as a tool for broadening cultural awareness. 

“It was Norman Rockwell’s wish that his collection be used to educate and engage the broadest of audiences,” explains Norton Moffatt. “Support from the George Lucas Family Foundation brings us that much closer to achieving Norman’s wish.”

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