A Day in the Life of a Museum Volunteer

Written by Ann Printon, new volunteer for Norman Rockwell Museum

NRM_Gallery_webI am very excited to be joining a dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers at Norman Rockwell Museum. Anyone reading this blog already knows what a special place this is; the museum building gives the visitor a comfortable and pleasant way to experience Norman Rockwell’s works, and also to see whatever special exhibitions the museum offers (currently a showing of Edward Hopper’s illustrations…yes, illustrations). The Museum site, located amidst the scenic Berkshire Mountains, welcomes the visitor—local and tourist alike—to experience the serenity and peace of this beautiful place.

On my first day I was encouraged to take the Museum’s audio tour—I highly recommend it. One can go at their own pace (mine was leisurely) and we are treated to anecdotes from Peter Rockwell, the artist’s youngest son who, along with his two older brothers, was often a model for Norman Rockwell’s famous magazine covers. A walk past all of his Saturday Evening Post covers on the museum’s ground level galleries offers not only a glimpse into the evolution of an artist, but also offers a lesson in twentieth century U.S. history.

I also attended a gallery lecture, ably given by Chelsea. She gave us a brief bio of the artist and gave us an in-depth look at two or three of Norman Rockwell’s paintings, pointing out aspects of a particular painting that one might have missed on a casual trip through the main gallery.

The afternoon was punctuated by a dramatic and soaking Berkshire thunderstorm with lightning, wind, and many people taking an extra turn through the gallery while waiting for the skies to clear.

A dramatic first day on the job to be sure. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings.


Interested in volunteering for Norman Rockwell Museum? Click here to learn more.

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