Support Norman Rockwell Museum on #GivingTuesday

Any donation made online today will support community outreach work in Berkshire County and beyond. Thank you for your support!

About Norman Rockwell Museum:

Norman Rockwell Museum is dedicated to education and art appreciation inspired by the legacy of Norman Rockwell. The museum preserves, studies and communicates with a worldwide audience the life, art and spirit of Norman Rockwell and the field of illustration.

In our 48th year, our exhibitions will include a first-ever traveling exhibition by famed New York illustrator Mac Conner, our popular High School Art Project featuring the work of talented artists from Berkshire County schools, a sizzling summer show that explores Realism in the 20th century and a fall exhibition celebrating the animation and craft of Hanna-Barbera.

Our community outreach work in Berkshire County and beyond takes the art and humanity of Norman Rockwell out of the Museum and into our communities. Our work has reached thousands and continues to play an important role in community development and wellbeing.

Support Us Today and contribute directly to our Community outreach work.

Here are some of the ways your tax-deductible gift can make a significant difference on Giving Tuesday and throughout the holiday season:

$2,500 – Funds a quarter of our Community Outreach program “Art Matters” for at-risk youth in Pittsfield.
$1,000 – Underwrites educational Outreach Tours for four schools in our region
$500 – Covers the cost of one class for seniors living with memory impairment
$100 – Enables us to purchase new art materials for educational outreach

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