Cover for Smithsonian, October 2013

Cover for Smithsonian, October 2013

Recently, award-winning illustrator Tim O’Brien was invited to take inspiration from Norman Rockwell’s 1960 Triple Self Portrait by Smithsonian art director Maria Keehan, to highlight several stories in the October issue of the magazine. Among them is an article titled The Real Norman Rockwell by author/art historian Deborah Solomon, whose upcoming book, American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell, is soon to be released.

Of his uncanny image, O’Brien commented, “The assignment was to use Triple Self Portrait as a possible starting point to show the secrets of American history. I was given a list of the stories that would be covered, and just doodled around a bit, thinking that NOT having Rockwell’s portrait there, but just his pipe and glasses, would provide the surreal touch that I like to bring to things. Then I proceeded with my Rockwell homage; it was really fun to work in his style and do a kind of ‘master copy’ of his famous piece. I even made efforts to make the area around the painting seem a bit worn, as if some minor aging has taken place. ” Great job, Tim, thanks for an amazing and memorable tribute to Rockwell!

Please join us on Saturday, October 19 at 5pm to for a special talk and booksigning by Deborah Solomon, author of the long-awaited American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell.

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