It’s that time of year again! Norman Rockwell’s April Fools illustrations were a popular tradition on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post. Rockwell created three successful (and hilarious) paintings for the series, which kept Post readers busy searching for the artist’s intentional mistakes (the answers were printed in the following week’s edition).

Think you can find all 51 jokes in Rockwell’s March 31, 1945 cover (pictured)?

Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), "April Fool: Fishing," 1945

Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), “April Fool: Fishing,” 1945. Cover painting for “The Saturday Evening Post,” March 31, 1945. Norman Rockwell Museum Digital Collections. ©SEPS: Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN.

Test your skills, and then find the answers in this fool-proof link.

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