Join us this Saturday, January 28, from 10 to 3, as artist Deborah Hanson Greene leads “Watercolor Whimsy,” an afternoon art workshop inspired by our current exhibition Curious George Saves The Day. Greene will demonstrate how to paint whimsical watercolor paintings using everyday art, props and costumes.

When painting a still life, Greene first gathers objects she thinks might look good together for her composition (as you can see, “Kitten” sometimes likes to get in on the action– such a ham!).

Next, she creates a quick thumbnail sketch to check her values, and see how the composition will ultimately work. Note: the “Teddy Roosevelt” doll here is completely jointed; he is a limited-edition mohair, handmade by an American craftsperson in the mid-1980s (it was a great decade for mohawks and mohairs!).

Next, she transfers her sketch to watercolor paper, making notes of where to add highlights.

And so the painting begins… Debbie is mad about hats, so the red hat box was a must (also adding a strong visual and color). She also included bright green velvet shoes and 1940s-early 50s era pearls, gathered from her impressive vintage clothing collection.

Finally, here is the completed painting! She makes it look easy, huh?

Greene is an accomplished artist who has exhibited in the Berkshires, Maryland, and beyond. Learn more about the workshop, and download the materials list here. BYOB (bring your own bears)!