man-and-glovesMarch 21 through June 14, 2015

Admired by Norman Rockwell as a master in the field, Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874 –1951) was one of the preeminent American illustrators of the early twentieth century. Often remembered for his beautifully conceived posters and advertisements, particularly those featuring The Arrow Collar Man, he also created 322 covers for The Saturday Evening Post—one more than Rockwell’s 321. This gallery installation features a special selection of original paintings by the artist.

This exhibition is sponsored by William and Sandy Hargreaves, Valerie & George Kennedy, and Carol Konner.

We are grateful to our lenders, William Hargreaves, Carol Konner, The Eisenstat Collection of Illustration, Illustrated Gallery, The Kelly Collection of American Illustration, National Museum of American Illustration, and other private collections for making rarely-seen original artworks available for exhibition.


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Image Credits:

J. C. LEYENDECKER (1874-1951) Man with Cane and Gloves 1914. Advertising illustration for Arrow Collar, published in McClure’s. Oil on canvas. Collection of the National Museum of American Illustration, Newport, RI.

J. C. LEYENDECKER (1874-1951)  Hailing You for the U. S. Navy 1918. Illustration for Navy Recruitment Poster. Oil on canvas. Private Collection

J. C. LEYENDECKER (1874-1951) USA Bonds: Weapons for Liberty 1918. World War I Poster. Norman Rockwell Museum Collection, Gift of Thomas and Edward Pulling, grandson and great-grandson of the Honorable R.C. Leffingwell, Assistant Secretary of the Treasure and head of the War Loan Organization

J. C. LEYENDECKER (1874-1951)  Football Playerxi, n.d.. Advertisement for B. Kuppenheimer & Co. Clothing Company. Oil on canvas.. Private Collection.


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