Dear Friends,

Step in to the warm, inviting world of Norman Rockwell and the magical world of illustration art this holiday season at Norman Rockwell Museum. Every day I witness people’s lives transformed by the art they see at Norman Rockwell Museum. We bring you the best illustration art in the nation. Currently on view, Witness: The Art of Jerry Pinkney presents our shared African American heritage.

On a recent morning as I walked through the Museum, the galleries were alive with action. A group of high school students were learning about the civil rights movement through Norman Rockwell’s painting The Problem We All Live With; I greeted an adult student and volunteer tutor from our Literacy Network partnership who were using Norman Rockwell’s artwork to teach English and learn about American culture and traditions; parents and toddlers were arriving for our pre-school art program, and a visitor from Ohio was making her second trip to the Museum – the place she chose to celebrate her 102nd birthday!

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There is something for everyone at Norman Rockwell Museum, one of few museums in the nation devoted to illustration – art that portrays our personal narratives and shared history. We create art experiences that touch people’s lives and fill them with rich personal memory. Visitors always leave our Museum happier than when they arrived- a college student I met last weekend told me the Museum is “my happy place!” Sometimes our art affects people deeply – like the young boy I witnessed who was moved to tell the story of his own difficult upbringing after viewing The Problem We All Live With, and learning that other children had faced difficulties in their own lives.

If you haven’t been to Stockbridge lately, perhaps you’ve seen our art in one of the many cities where we have shared our collection – this year alone we have presented exhibitions in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Raleigh, Allentown, Toledo, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Quantico, Wichita, and beyond.

All year long we bring art and cultural experiences to life for young and old. We share our collections with the nation and the world – recently, the U.S. Embassy in China requested a selection of Norman Rockwell artwork for exhibition in the world cultural centers. This January I am traveling to Ethiopia as a guest of the U.S. State Department to speak about Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms and the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Peace Corps, whose work Rockwell depicted in Ethiopia.

Whether on the world stage or right here in Stockbridge, Norman Rockwell Museum creates meaning in people’s lives. Please give generously to this year’s annual appeal. We’ve worked diligently to maintain a balanced budget while presenting rich experiences that transform people’s lives. We need your support to continue to do so.  Donate here…

Warm wishes to you, your family and friends this holiday season!


Laurie Norton Moffatt
Director/CEO, Norman Rockwell Museum

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