Jarvis Rockwell: Maya, Illusion, and Us

An exhibition organized by Norman Rockwell Museum

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Jarvis Rockwell Maya IV

About the Exhibition

Norman Rockwell Museum presents the continued artistic legacy of the Rockwell family, shining a spotlight on Jarvis Rockwell’s more than 60 years of creative exploration.

Jarvis Rockwell: Maya, Illusion and Us reveals the depth and evolution of the artist’s work—from the early portraits and drawings of his youth, to more recent structural works and assemblages. The retrospective includes a documentary on the artist by filmmaker Rachel Victor; and selections from Rockwell’s extensive toy collection, installed on Maya V, a vast, whimsical pyramid inspired by Hindu temples and sculptural deities.

Image Left: Jarvis Rockwell, Maya V, 2013. Action figure sculpture. Collection of the artist. Photo ©Norman Rockwell Museum. All rights reserved.

Jarvis Rockwell Maya III detail. Image courtesy of MCLA’s Berkshire Cultural Resource Center

About Jarvis Rockwell

On the topic of his famous father, Jarvis Rockwell recently remarked that “it’s funny now that his art was called realism; people called it realism because that is what they saw. But it was a constructed reality, a fantasy…. My work with toys comes off of that. The toys have to do with us, just as my father’s work had to do with us. I think I’m just taking a different turn on who we are. I chose the road less traveled, and it has made all the difference.”

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Complete Facts
Contents:Approximately 65 original works of art; structural works and assemblages; introductory and biographical panels and object/extended identification labels are included in this exhibition. An exhibition catalogue and a 15 minute looped DVD interview with Jarvis Rockwell are also available.
Security:High security is required and all works must be within sight of a trained security officer/staff member at all times during public hours.
Environment:Lighting levels need to be 18 to 22 foot candles for paintings and 5 to 7 foot candles for works on paper and other light restricted objects. The level of humidity must be 50% plus or minus 5% with a temperature between 68-72 degrees. There can be no direct sunlight and no direct contact with light fixtures, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, or electrical outlets.
Space:Approximately 2500 square feet of space is needed for this exhibition.

Venues Hosting This Exhibition

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