One of the fascinating aspects of my work as director of Norman Rockwell Museum has been meeting the people who knew and loved Norman Rockwell. His life touched millions of viewers through his magazine covers and illustrated images, but he also touched indelibly the lives of the thousands of models he worked with over the years. Norman Rockwell Museum has been recording the stories of Rockwell’s models, years ago in audio tape, and in more recent times in video and digital format. The stories have a common theme: meeting and knowing Norman Rockwell had a profound influence on the lives of the models and friends of the Rockwells in the communities where they lived and they never forgot the encounter.

No where is this more lovingly and sincerely portrayed than in the soon-to-be released book by James “Buddy” Edgerton about his experiences growing up next door to the Rockwell’s in Arlington, VT. When the Rockwells moved to Arlington, neighbors had party line phones. Norman and Mary Rockwell were the first to have their own private line. These sorts of contrasts created vivid memories, but most of all remembered are the kindnesses the Rockwells bestowed on their community. Bud Edgerton recalls these memories and experiences in his first person account of growing up next to Norman and Mary Rockwell. Meet Buddy at Norman Rockwell Museum on October 8th at the book launch preview of the Unknown Rockwell.

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