Author and artist David Macaulay has demystified the workings and origins of everything from simple gadgets to elaborate architectural structures. A favorite with readers of all ages, this Caldecott Medal-winning artist is the subject of this exciting exhibition that takes an in-depth look at Macaulay’s artistic process and extensive body of work, including The Way Things Work, Castle, Cathedral, City, Mill, Ship, and Mosque.

Contents: Approximately 125 original works of art; studies, sketchbooks, foam core models and book dummies; original manuscripts and correspondence; artifacts including hand-built models, reference materials and personally significant objects; documentary and reference photographs: introductory and biographical panels and object/extended indentification labels.
Security: High, all works must be within sight of a trained security officer/staff member at all times during public hours.
Environment: Light level -18 to 22 footcandles for paintings and 5 to 7 footcandles for works on paper and other light restricted objects. Humidity -50% plus or minus 5% and temperature 68 – 72 degrees, no direct sunlight and no direct contact with light fixtures or heating, air conditioning, ventilation, or electrical outlets.