Laurie is director/CEO of Norman Rockwell Museum

Laurie Norton Moffatt is director/CEO of Norman Rockwell Museum

Art inspires us to feel deeply and express ourselves, and Norman Rockwell’s art invites community conversation. We see this in the Museum galleries where people congregate and talk about the pictures, reminisce stories, laugh and sometimes cry. Illustration art is a window into the world, our history, the events in our lives, and tells our stories. People connect through these images wherever they are exhibited, here at Norman Rockwell Museum, around the country through our traveling exhibitions, in the classroom where teachers share the lessons, values and history conveyed through images. And now we hope to share in conversation with you through the Museum’s Web site, newly relaunched this weekend to invite our communities to gather around the pictures and ideas expressed in our art.

Over time we hope that our illustrators, artists, students, educators, collectors, members, fans and friends will gather here and share thoughts, musings, questions and stories that are meaningful to you. Our curators and staff will be writing about the ideas and art that engage them and we hope you will as well. We will be reaching out to the thousands of artists, educators, collectors and members we connect with across the nation, linking the Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies, Project NORMAN, and our traveling exhibition partners together in our museum without walls. Stay tuned to this space and gather with us as we expand the community of Museum friends and family. We invite your comment and suggestions on topics of interest to you.