“For some time now, I have been encouraging people to ask themselves why things look the way they do.”—David Macaulay

An author and artist who has helped us to understand the workings and origins of everything from simple gadgets to monumental architectural structures, David Macaulay employs pictures and words to reveal the secret lives of objects and emphasize the common sense behind the design of things. A gifted visual storyteller, he inspires discovery by demystifying an increasingly complex world while celebrating the places the imagination takes us when we least expect it.

Startling in their complexity and beauty, David Macaulay’s award-winning books are beloved by readers throughout the world. Rich in content, they reveal the artist’s lifelong love of history, keen sense of humor, and innate interest in all things – from the marvelous to the mundane. Vibrant visual experiments, his images place us in the middle of the action as well as above and below it, inviting us to experience new realities while compelling us to turn each page.

Translated into twelve languages, David Macaulay’s books encourage readers to draw connections between seemingly unrelated things, transcending the boundaries of time, culture and geography. His art conjures up new worlds, defines and comments upon society, enhances our appreciation of ideas, and challenges our perspectives. We are honored to celebrate and explore David Macaulay’s outstanding artistic legacy, which has profoundly enhanced and influenced our rapidly changing visual culture.

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