El Paso Museum of Art, Texas
June 12, 2011 – September 4, 2011

Picturing Health: Norman Rockwell and the Art of Illustration will feature original paintings by Norman Rockwell from the Pfizer Collection, which are among the finest examples of the artist’s imagery for advertising. These beloved portrayals inspired Americans to view themselves and their physicians with optimism, and presented the notion that health is affected as much by our emotional lives as by our physical well-being.

Norman Rockwell’s paintings, which explore the subjects of the doctor/patient relationship, physical fitness, and health and healing across the generations, will be accompanied by original works exploring similar themes by twenty of today’s most prominent visual commentators. Artworks created for publication during the past decade will examine contemporary perspectives on subjects explored more than fifty years ago in Norman Rockwell’s art. Commentary focusing on recurring themes, artistic and cultural influences, and the commercial climate that has influenced the creative process will be woven throughout the exhibition. A designated segment of the exhibition will offer insights into the artist’s process, from first idea to finished painting and published work. The exhibition will also explore the impact of narrative images, which have had, and continue to have, a singular impact on public perception.