Untitled (Fortune Teller at Thanksgiving), cover illustration for The New Yorker, November 30, 1992. (c)William Steig. All rights reserved.

I think I feel a little differently than other people do. For some reason I’ve never felt grown up.

-William Steig


William Steig: Love & Laughter explores the richness of the artist’s imagery- from his 1930s Small Fry series recalling the colorful Bronx neighborhood of his youth, New Yorker covers and cartoons, and symbolic drawings offering commentary on the human condition, to beloved picture books like Shrek!, the inspiration for blockbuster DreamWorks animated films. Love, laughter, and everyday life, emerge in intuitive drawings in which friends are giving and couples are loving, “just not every single minute.” An astute observer of the world around him, the acclaimed King of Cartoons was captivated by children and had a deep affection for cats, dogs, and every manner of creature, evident in hilarious scenarios inspired by his ongoing speculations about what they might be thinking and what they would say or do – if only given the chance.

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