Story Illustration (detail) for “Abraham Lincoln Comes Home” by Robert Burleigh, Copyright 2008 by Wendell Minor. All rights reserved.

A good picture, like a good story, is timeless.-Wendell Minor

Take a journey though history, from sea to shining sea, through the art of Wendell Minor, our nation’s premier historical picture book illustrator. The artist’s many children’s books reflect for the environment. His travels have taken him form the tropical Everglades of Florida to Barrow, Alaska in the Arctic Circle; form the Midwest to the Grand Canyon in the Southwest; and throughout the United States to research h is many nationally acclaimed books. Original artworks, drawings and references form Reaching for the Moon and Look to the Stars by Buzz Aldrin, Sitting Bull Remembers by Ann Turner, Abraham Lincoln Comes Home by Robert Burleigh, Arctic Son by Craighead George, Shane by Jack Schaefre, and America the Beautiful Katherine Lee Bates, amount many others, will be featured.

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