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No Swimming ©1921 SEPS: Licensed by Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN

No Swimming ©1921 SEPS: Licensed by Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN

Museum staff organize professional development seminars and develop special school-based curriculum projects on Rockwell, illustration, and visual communication. To discuss how we can work with you, please contact:Education Department 413.298.4100, ext 260 or 252

Thank you, thank you for your pictures of the world we live in. Of thanks-giving and gossips of war and prejudice. Of our lives. I LOVE them ALL! – Emily, age 10

Excellent curriculum resources and were easily shared among my colleagues. Great ideas for projects — my classroom now has a magazine corner! Everything was here to present Rockwell as the great artist the he was. THANKS! – Art teacher, North Carolina

Family Guide

Download the entertaining and educational Family Guide.

Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People

Norman Rockwell Museum has created a Resource Packet for Educators to accompany the exhibition Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People. Here you will find lesson plans and resources to connect Rockwell with your curriculum.

These interdisciplinary lessons and activities are flexible and can easily be altered based on the interests, questions, and responses of your students. We hope you will use these materials and share your lesson refinements and student responses with Norman Rockwell Museum. An evaluation form is included.

Educational programs for Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People are made possible by Fidelity Investments through the Fidelity Foundation.


Educator’s Resource Packet

Download the Educator’s Resource Packet

Support Materials & Special Discount: To obtain support materials for these lessons, please call Norman Rockwell Museum Store at 1-800-742-9450 to purchase the following recommended items:
- Cobblestone Magazine [volume 10, number 12]
- The Norman Rockwell Museum Guidebook (an excellent source of images)
- The following prints to support the lessons: Saying Grace, Triple Self Portrait, The Runaway, The Golden Rule, The Four Freedoms (Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Worship, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear), Outward Bound, Going and Coming, The Gossips, The Shiner, Girl at the Mirror, The Marriage License, New Kids in the Neighborhood, The Problem We All Live With, The Family Tree, Shuffleton’s Barbershop.

Teachers will receive 20% off items purchased for educational purposes from Norman Rockwell Museum Store. For phone orders, call 1-800-742-9450. Please have your school purchase order number ready. Mail orders must be on official school letterhead.

Resource Archive

Download A New Viewpoint: Rockwell Lesson Plans for Secondary Students

In Service Workshops

Our interdisciplinary teacher training workshops offer the opportunity to explore practical ways to use visual arts in a variety of curriculum areas. Consult with us to create an experience tailored to your particular needs. Professional Development Points (PDP’s) are available.

An American Storyteller (Language Arts)

Explore Norman Rockwell’s use of literary elements and develop ways to enhance your students’ writing.

Getting Into Illustration (Visual Arts)

Rockwell employs the formal elements of design to communicate crisp messages with a variety of purposes. Discover the means to create stories without words.

Portraits Of America (History and Social Studies)

For nearly seven decades Rockwell captured moments of social importance both momentous and ordinary. How are we connected to those events? What has changed since then? What is similar now? Explore these and other questions.

To discuss these options, call:
Education Department Tel. 413.298.4100 ext 260 or 252

Norman Rockwell Museum Store

Our store carries a large selection of Norman Rockwell art and art books. Products in support of the changing exhibitions are also available. Bookmarks and pencils make great classroom gifts! Ask about our varied selection. Take 20% off of items purchased for educational purposes. Call 1-800-742-9450 with a school purchase order number, or mail it to us on school letterhead. You may also shop online and use NONPROF in the Promotional Code section during checkout to receive 20% off. Place your PO Number in the order notes

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