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Thank you for your interest in school and teacher programs at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Our interactive programs are designed to provide students with a meaningful, common core curriculum-based experiences that uses original works of art to encourage discovery relating to the visual arts, history/social studies, and language arts, emphasizing distinct learning connections. Don’t see what you are looking for? We are happy to customize our programs to meet the needs of your group. Education Department: 413.931.2252
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The Rockwell Experience

Curriculum Connections: Interactive Tours

Engaging museum-educator led tours that inspire learning through discussion and interactive gallery activities.

Language Arts
Narrative and Nuance
Investigate the narrative aspects of Norman Rockwell’s art and discover the wide range of stories communicated through illustrated images. The artist’s use of character plot and setting will be explored through discussion and hands on experiences.

Studio Arts
Art and Inspiration
Examine Norman Rockwell’s artistic process, and the techniques that he used to create his illustrations. Students will investigate how the elements of art and design, from concept and composition to the use of color, shape, rhythm, texture, line, and perspective contribute to the impact of a work of art.

History/Social Studies
Moments in History
Discover American history through the art of Norman Rockwell, who chronicled a changing society by painting images of historical and cultural significance, from President Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms to the Civil Rights Movement.

Available: Monday through Friday
Grades: K through 12
Length: Approximately One Hour
Cost Per Student: $4/Teachers and Chaperones Free
Maximum Group Size: 90


Media & Methods: Extended Hands-On Experiences

Interactive gallery experiences that include a more intensive hands-on focus to explore art, history, and language arts, from creative writing in the galleries to art-making in the Museum classroom.

Language Arts
The Write Stuff
Original works of art can inspire the creative use of language. Explore the relationship of image and word in a variety of writing experiences relating to the works on view through poetry, reportage, descriptive and free writing, dialogue, and the use of character, plot, and setting.

Studio Arts
Drawn to Art
Illustration art is designed to communicate ideas and impressions quickly and effectively. Analyze the works on view to examine how artists conceptualize and organize their art and achieve a unique approach to image-making.

History/Social Studies
Mirror on America
Discover historical connections between yesterday and today through original artworks that reflect an ever-changing world. Significant historical and cultural events and that reflect America’s attitudes, aspirations, challenges, and accomplishments will be explored.

Available: Monday through Friday
Grades: Art: K through 12; Language Arts and History: 3 through 12
Length: Approximately Two Hours
Cost Per Student: $6.50/Teachers and Chaperones Free
Maximum Group Size: 30


Advanced Art Tours

Advanced high school or college art students are invited to explore the art and working methods of Norman Rockwell and other noted illustrators featured in the Museum’s special exhibitions. Stimulating discussion and hands-on drawing and writing in the galleries will inspire new ways of seeing and working.

Available: Monday through Friday
Grades: High School and College
Length: Approximately Two Hours
Cost Per Student: $6.50/Teachers and Chaperones Free
Maximum Group Size: 25


In-School Presentations

Let the Museum come to you! Lively discussion-based presentations by professional Museum educators can be conducted at your school, introducing students to the art of Norman Rockwell and a variety of curriculum connections that the art of America’s most beloved illustrator inspires. Presentation themes, which can be designed to meet your needs, include:

The Art of Visual Storytelling

The American 20th Century

Anti-Bullying and Character Education

American Democracy and the Civil Rights Movement

Available: Monday through Friday
Grades: K through 12
Length: 45 to 60 Minutes
Cost Per Presentation: $125 plus travel expenses; two presentations for $200 plus travel expenses.
Maximum Group Size: Variable


Special Opportunities for Educators

In-Service Programs for Educators
The Museum offers interdisciplinary educator workshops designed to integrate the visual arts in a variety of curriculum areas. Let us help create an experience that is tailored to your specific needs. Professional Development Points (PDPs) are available.

Instructional Packets for Classroom Use
PowerPoint presentation packets are available for classroom use. Each packet contains a selection of iconic Norman Rockwell images; a script designed to interpret works of art from the disciplines of art, language arts, and social studies; and lesson plans to expend the learning. The $25 fee covers postage and handling.

On Line Resources
Download lesson plans connecting the art of Norman Rockwell with art, language arts, and social studies by visiting the Museum’s website at All materials can be downloaded and printed for classroom use.

Exhibition Opening Events
Teachers are invited to attend Museum exhibition openings at a discounted rate. Please bring proof of your status as an educator and enjoy lively events exploring art and educational connections. Professional Development Points (PDPs) are available.

Exhibition opening events for the coming year include:

Saturday, June 7, 2014
EXHIBITION OPENING The Unknown Hopper: Edward Hopper as Illustrator


Planning Your Visit

To Schedule Your Visit

We look forward to welcoming your group! Please submit your reservation request at least two weeks in advance. You will receive a confirmation of your program by e-mail.

Contact our Visitor Services Office at:

Please notify the Museum prior to your visit if someone in your group requires special assistance. Wheelchairs are available.

Please bring at least one chaperone for every ten students. There is no charge for teachers and chaperones.

Please plan to arrive ten minutes before your scheduled visit time. If your arrival is delayed, or if you need to cancel your tour, please contact us to let us know.

Outdoor picnic tables are located near bus parking for seasonal use. During the winter months, please let us know if you would like to eat lunch in the Museum classroom. Please download the Order Form / Menu (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader), print, then mail in or fax or call Leslie at (413-298-4100 ext 225)

Museum Galleries and Rockwell’s Studio
After your tour, you are free to enjoy all of the art on view in the Museum’s Permanent Collection and Special Exhibition Galleries. Thank you for walking through the galleries in small groups that are accompanied by a chaperone. From May through October, Norman Rockwell’s Studio is open to the public.

Museum Grounds
Enjoy a stroll on the Museum’s bucolic 36 acre site, which is great to picnicking or just enjoying the view in the beautiful Berkshires. Climbing sculptures by Peter Rockwell, Norman Rockwell’s youngest son, are on view.

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