Norman Rockwell Museum presents the world’s largest collection of original Norman Rockwell art, including beloved paintings from The Saturday Evening Post and the Four Freedoms, and the best in the field of American illustration. Experience Rockwell’s art, life and legacy in the artist’s picturesque New England hometown of Stockbridge, Massachusetts nestled in the culturally rich Berkshires.


The Unknown Hopper: Edward Hopper as Illustrator

June 7 through October 26, 2014

Many noted American modernists have successfully traversed the worlds of fine art and illustration, embracing innovation while satisfying in unique and personal ways the needs and wants of a broad popular audience. Edward Hopper, American Illustrator presents a unique and comprehensive study of the little-known twenty year illustration career of the realist master. Attitudes toward art and the crosscurrents of contemporary commercial society during the early to mid twentieth century will be explored in this exhibition, which seeks to provide an integrated understanding of Hopper’s published and personal art.

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Decision 2012

Throughout his long career, Norman Rockwell enjoyed a relationship with American politics, including the opportunity to paint several sitting Presidents (Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon). The artist continues to remain relevant, with artwork on display in the White House, and such paintings as The Four Freedoms and The Peace Corps serving as enduring images of inspiration. This year’s Presidential Candidates have both connected with Rockwell’s work over the years as well…

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Norman Rockwell: Home for the Holidays

November 9, 2013 through January 26, 2014

During the holiday season, Norman Rockwell’s anxiously awaited illustrations brought good cheer to millions of Americans who encountered his images on the covers and pages of their favorite magazines, and on holiday cards that brought the spirit of the holidays home. His memorable, enduring images, which reflected the best in us, are on view in this special holiday installation of original artworks and objects. Original drawings for Hallmark cards, paintings inspired by Charles Dickens’ classic story, A Christmas Carol, a point-of-purchase Coca-Cola Santa, and costumes and props featured in Rockwell’s artwork will be on view.

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The 23rd Annual Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas Re-Creation

Brought to you by the Stockbridge Chamber of Commerce, the town of Stockbridge, made famous by Norman Rockwell’s painting of the village during the holidays, becomes a magical New England setting decorated with holiday wreaths and festive lights, as the town celebrates the 23rd annual Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas, November 30th, December 1st and […]

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Mort Kunstler: The Art of Adventure

November 8, 2014 through March 8, 2015

Known today for his meticulously researched historical paintings, Mort Künstler is also a prolific illustrator who has worked on a broad spectrum of assignments for more than fifty years―from paperback book jackets and men’s adventure magazine illustrations to movie posters, model kit boxes, and advertisements for prominent corporations. His dramatic, beautifully-crafted images, conceived in every possible genre throughout his outstanding career, will be the focus of this exhibition, which draws from the artist’s vast and highly-regarded body of work.

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