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Norman Rockwell Museum gallery Photo by Art Evans

Norman Rockwell Museum gallery Photo by Art Evans

Featuring the original artwork of Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell Museum houses the most significant public collection of Norman Rockwell’s work in the world. The Museum’s holdings include original artwork, and the artist’s studio and its related collection, including personal memorabilia, supplies, and reference materials.

The Norman Rockwell Art Collection Trust
The Norman Rockwell Art Collection Trust forms the heart of the Museum’s collections. In 1973, Rockwell bequeathed his personal collection in trust to the Museum so that the works could be exhibited, preserved, and used for the “advancement of art appreciation and art education.” This 367-work collection includes such large-scale oil paintings as Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas, Triple Self-Portrait, The Four Freedoms, Girl at Mirror, and The Marriage License, and preliminary sketches and studies in pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and oil.

In 1976, Rockwell added his studio and its contents to the Trust collection. From this later bequest, the Studio Collection and the Norman Rockwell Archives were formed.

The Norman Rockwell Museum Collection
Since 1974, the Museum has acquired original Rockwell artwork through gifts, bequests, and purchases. This collection includes such well-known paintings as The Problem We All Live With, Christmas Homecoming, The Art Critic, and Girl Reading the Post.

Norman Rockwell’s Studio
Rockwell’s Stockbridge studio and its contents include the artist’s materials and equipment; his personal art library of approximately 500 volumes; furnishings; decorative objects; ethnographic objects collected on his travels; mementos; hundreds of prints; and artwork sent by fans and admirers.

Archival Collections
The Norman Rockwell Museum Archival Collections consist of photographs, letters, and other ephemera relating to the art of illustration. It includes the Norman Rockwell Archives, which is the largest repository of the artist’s personal papers, as well as collected materials about his life and career.

Containing more than 820 cubic feet of documents, the Norman Rockwell Archives is composed primarily of business, personal, and fan correspondence, together with reference material. Of particular note is a collection of several thousand black-and-white photographs of models and scenes used by the illustrator in the development of his work. Formal and candid photographs have been donated to the archives, providing additional insight into the artist’s life. The Museum has acquired magazines, books, tear sheets, prints, and other objects which as a group, make up a nearly complete collection of first-time published uses of Rockwell’s illustrations.

Due to an extensive collections management project presently underway, access to some of the Museum’s archival collections is currently restricted. For further information please call Venus Van Ness at 413-931-2251.

The Museum Library is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. (from 1 to 4 p.m. during winter), and by appointment.

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