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Gift of A. S. McWilliams Comics to Norman Rockwell Museum

In the middle of July the sons of illustrator and comic strip artist Alden Spurr McWilliams (1917-1993) made a significant gift of 33 original strips and Sunday paper boards to the Norman Rockwell Museum. The previous year, one of the sons and his wife visited the museum and talked with curator Joyce Schiller about Al […]

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Blechman Gift to Norman Rockwell Museum

  Earlier this summer, the acclaimed illustrator, animator, children’s book author, graphic novelist, and editorial cartoonist R. O. Blechman donated one of his works of art to the Norman Rockwell Museum. This work had been shown in Blechman’s spring 2013 museum exhibition, R. O. Blechman: The Inquiring Line, one of the series of focus exhibits the […]

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Stockbridge, MA—A Home for Illustrators and Artists at the Turn of the Century.

Did you know that prior to Norman Rockwell and his family moving to Stockbridge, Massachusetts in 1953, that Stockbridge had been a locale with its own bevy of artists and illustrators? And not just the sculptor Daniel Chester French (1850-1931) either. While Daniel Chester French had grown up in Concord, Massachusetts, he had also lived […]

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Witches Night Out

Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, is one of the times that harmful spirits are said to be active. In the U.S., we take that concept to mean that witches, among other spirits, are out that night seeing what mischief they can get into. Since we link witches and Halloween together, it is not uncommon to see Halloween cover illustrations for popular magazines that show a witch out riding her broom…

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“The Green Hills of Earth”

A question for you science fiction fans. Where was Robert Heinlein’s short story “The Green Hills of Earth” first published? And who illustrated the story? To answer these questions check out the current Exploring Illustration posting on the Rockwell Center web site!

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