Terms Digital

Digital/electronic reproduction is defined as the rendering of images and/or words on a screen, monitor or other electronic device, where the information is stored on electronic media such as, but not limited to CD-ROM, computer disk, video or audio tape or disk, and the internet. Digital reproduction can be used in the following applications: Film, television, computer program, Web page, kiosk, electronic banner.

Digital reproduction is subject to the following conditions. Your acceptance of these conditions is indicated by your payment of our invoice and signature on our Image Services Agreement.

1. Full credit line must appear exactly as specified by the The Norman Rockwell Museum (NRM), without editing, omissions, or use of acronyms. It must be placed in immediate proximity to the reproduction of the work(s) of art on the same display device. Note that this credit line is in addition to the credit line requested by the copyright holder. The designated credit line will be located on the Image Services Agreement.

2. Color depth must be at least 24 bits per pixel. Images must not be electronically stored in a size larger than 640 pixels in any dimension. Images must not be altered or distorted by methods such as but not limited to cropping, retouching, changing proportion, rotating, color effects, superimposing, animating, or captioning unless approved in advance by the copyright holder(s). Minor color corrections may be done without permission. A cropped detail may be used if the word DETAIL is added to the credit line.

3. Each image must be shown in the electronic document in its entirety, within a framed border, so that the image is not cropped by the edges of the viewable area. Nothing may be superimposed on the reproduction (i.e. lettering or another image).

4. The NRM reserves the right to deny use of images from its collection to any applicant.

5. Permission is granted for one-time use only for the specific purpose indicated. Any further reproductions will require a new request, written permission from the copyright holder and the NRM, and an additional fee.

6. Failure to pay the required fees means that permission cannot be granted.

7. Whereas the NRM owns no copyrights, written permission must be secured from the copyright holder(s) or their agent(s) before images can be released. In addition, the NRM assumes no responsibility for any royalties or fees claimed by the photographer or on his or her behalf.

8. Images will be released only to licensees who have express written permission from the copyright holder(s) for a specific, limited use and cannot be supplied to individuals or companies operating a photographic hire or sales service or copyright licensing services.

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