What if I choose a group of images with rights held by more than one copyright holder?

You are still responsible for contacting ALL concerned copyright holders. If you have a question about whom to contact, call Image Services, and we will be happy to direct you to rights holders. Please note: Image Services Agreements cannot be drawn up until the Image Services Department of the Norman Rockwell Museum has received all proper copyright permissions.

What if I am interested in an image I believe exists but that I do not see on this Website?

Although the Norman Rockwell Museum holds the largest collection of Mr. Rockwell’s work, we do not have everything. If you have an image in mind that you believe exists, but you do not know how to locate relevant photographic material, contact the Image Services office. We have contact information for numerous other collections and photographic libraries. Keep in mind that the whereabouts of many paintings are unknown, and subsequently, photographic material may be unavailable.

Where can I go to look at various images by Norman Rockwell?

There are numerous sources for viewing images of Norman Rockwell’s work. This Website includes many images that are available through the Norman Rockwell Museum (note: not all images on this site are available for rental). The following books are also excellent resources for Rockwell images:

Cohn, Jan. Covers of the Saturday Evening Post.
New York: Viking Studio Books. Copyright. 1995.

Finch, Christopher. Norman Rockwell’s America
New York: Abradale Press/Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Copyright 1975.

Finch, Christopher. Norman Rockwell 332 Magazine Covers.
New York: Artabras Publishers, Abbeville Press. Copyright 1979. Available for purchase online.

Meyer, Susan E. Norman Rockwell’s People
New York: Harrison House/Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Copyright 1981.

Moffatt, Laurie Norton. Norman Rockwell: A Definitive Catalogue.
Stockbridge, Massachusetts: The Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge. Copyright 1986. Available for purchase online.

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