"Stagecoach" Portraits, 1966

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In 1966, Norman Rockwell painted a series of portraits for the Twentieth Century Fox production of the movie Stagecoach under the direction of Martin Rackin. For each actor Rockwell designed a symbolic logo, or rebus, which humorously describes the character or part played by the star. A large eight-foot mural of the Western set complete with Indian warriors and stagecoach was also painted by Rockwell for promotional material.

Rockwell journeyed to Hollywood to paint the actors and actresses on location and while there found himself at the age of seventy-two playing a role as 'Busted Flush' Rockwell. The March 8, 1966 Look magazine article on the escapade describes Rockwell as 'a mangy old gambler in cowboy costume, with a bad-guy black hat and high-heeled boots that hurt his feet.'

Portraits from the movie Stagecoach, Norman Rockwell, 1966 Oil on canvas, 20" x 16". Illustrations for Stagecoach, Twentieth Century Fox Productions, 1966. From the permanent collection of Norman Rockwell Museum.

Reference photos for Stagecoach by Louie Lamone, 1966. On-set photos, photographer unknown, 1966.